JM Lab Micro Utopia

Could anybody please offer comment on JM Lab's Micro Utopia? I am thinking of upgrading my speaker to Micro Utopia and wish to seek opinion on it. My preamp is Herron's line preamp, and my power amp is Pass Lab Aleph 0. Thanks.

I have never heard these little babies. I'm sure they're very nice. Aren't they very expensive? Listen to the Revel Performa M20s. They are outstanding. AND inexpensive, by high end standards. I have auditioned many monitor speakers that should be stand mounted. There are quite a few excellent, much more affordable choices than the Utopias. For my money, (and I am going to buy them) it's the M20s. Stands are very important for all these speakers. Go for the gusto with the stands. You'll never regret it. Remember they are an extension of your speaker. The Revel stands suck! I'm getting them from Star Sound Technology. A little pricey for some, but they will be worth it.
Warrenh, These are not little at all! For the right room their tight and deep bass can blow out lots of floor standing speakers of given price range. I've never been setting up the monitor speaker system but I'm sure it needs lots of experimentations with stands and placement.
In my listening tests with all Sim Audio gear I found that the speaker is a bit forward. This speaker used to be on the top of my list but I think one can do nearly as good and MAYBE better for a lot less money. But the speakers are GORGEOUS. I would reccomend if you do buy the speaker to put as much tubes and copper into the system as possible. Conrad Johnson sounds great with the speakers I was told but never heard myself. The pass stuff (aleph) that is I heard is pretty warm, so you may be okay. But for more bss oomph I woudl look at Plinius, Sim Audio, Belles, even Blue Circle. Monitors need the juice. I'm not too familiar witht the pre yu have but like I said throw tubes into the mix
-Vik fact i've listened to merylins(2w floorstanders that I don't recall off the top of my head) and they sounded too forwarded and edgy with sim electronics. pass, plinius and gamut are probably the most musical and worm ss amps that sound like tube amps and can be successfully set up with any speakers.
In the system I heard pass with (maggies, Adcom cd player x-1 pre) the x-250 was anything but warm. Rather I thought it was dead neutral but instead of cold and lifeless it was rather musical. Not for me but if you want dead neutrality that has a little swing to it try pass. kind of reminds me of bryston though where the pass leans towards a slight musicality the bryston leans towards a bit brightness. FWIW...

I have listened to the to Micro and own the Mini Utopia. The Micro is an excellent speaker but the Mini has a larger cabinet and the base response is better and they have a "bigger" sound. It you want a lot of base you will need a subwoofer. I had Kef 107's before the Mini's and will probably end up with a sub, but I am not missing it as much as I thought I might. I am using Mcintosh solid state gear and the speakers sound great. A tube pre amp would be preferable (my next upgrade) and a tube or solid state amp would work very well. I have also listened to the Utopia with CJ, Sim Audio and Plinus electronics. My preference is in that respective order.