JM Lab Mezzo or Red Rose classic??

hi all, this is my first post ever.

i am thinking of buying either one of these two, has any got any comment? my room is about 6meters wide and 3.5 meters deep. i am about 2.5 meter away from the speakers position. the JM LAB is more expensive but i like the look more and it make in France whereas the red rose are made in china!
I wish I new about the Red Rose, but I don't. I can only tell you this, the JM Lab Mezzo's I feel are one of the Best speakers I have ever heard. Your room size will work for the Mezzo's as I heard them in a smaller room then what you have and they were awesome.
Ditto, above, Mezzo Utopia. With all due respect for the R-ROse product, the Utopia is in another league. (That's my opinion, of course). BTW, it's more a matter of design & components' quality than the country of manufacture (granted, though, some of the best drive units are produced in France)...

OTOH, you'd be well advised to try having the speakers fire down long side of the room. The Mezzo are big.

Agree, Mezzo is best.
y use the mezzos in the same sizes and 1 meter more is better but its ok y have not any options. y had compare the mezzos ,b&w 802s ,mini utopia and sonus guarneri homage. for me the best is the mezzos and the mini utopia.
I am not that familiar with the Classics, though I have been very impressed with the other Red Rose speakers. The JM Lab Mezzos (or are you referrring to the Alto Be?) are terrific and the company is one that should be around for a long time (though, one can never can tell these days). I would opt for the Altos over the Mezzos if possible as they are quite an improvement IMO. I would suggest adding a few other contenders that are also very good: Genesis 501s (alot less expensive than the Altos and right up there sound-wise); Meadowlark Blue Herron II (I have not heard these but understand from a friend with better ears than me that they are fabulous) and lastly, the Linkwitz Orion (a DIY speaker designed by former Audio Artistry designer Sigfried Linkwitz, The Orion is the least expensive of the speakers mentioned and IMO arguably the best. Supporting electronics needn't be expensive with the Orions and you can have them made for you in any finish you'd like for under 6K. If you up the ante price-wise, I'd check out the Ascendo System Z and the Aerial 20Ts (I am in the process of trying these out now). Good luck.
can anyone help with this. i am buying the Mezzo but now thinking of buying Red rose Affirmation 400 watts to 4 oms or a good valve monoblocks output around 100+ watts which should be enough for the Mezzo.
Love the Mezzos (but the Alto Be's are better) However the mezzos are available at a good price used right now because the Alto Be's replaced them. I have run mine with various amps including a 300watt Accoustic Art (Germany) and 17 watt Single Ended (Guess Who) They work well with all good quality amps (but can get a little bass tubby with placement too close to back walls) Should work well in your room size though.