JM Lab Focal's all new Chorus 836v's ???

I listened to the 826v's at Tweeters and liked them better than anything they had at the store there. I talked to Andrew Singer of Sound By Singer and he said the 836v's were even better...Great Speaker! Michael Fremer of Stereophile really liked these 836v's he said they were incredibly good for the money- or even not considering the price. Does anyone here have the 836v's?
I listened to both the 826V and the 836V about two weeks ago. I heard the 826V in two different Tweeters and the 836V in a differetn store - all in Northern Virginia. The 826Vs were on high level receivers and the 836Vs were on McIntosh equipment. I was looking for replacements for my Chorus 707S fronts and cc700 center as our great room is really too large for them.

I thought both the 826V and 836V were okay - but no more than that. They just didn't do what my wife and I were looking for. They didn't have any impact - when we listened to All Along the Watchtower - live by Dave Matthews - there wasn't any feel when the band came in and we thought the sound didn't distinguish well between the different instruments. On Johnny Cash -The Man Comes Around and Hurt - they were pretty good -
Cash's voice had decent weight - but the low piano was pretty thin I thought. On the movie Diva - at the beginning where she sings the opening aria - they really didn't carry her voice well at all - no real body to her voice. But even with all this - they aren't bad for the price. I don't think they would do well in a large room though, which is what really ruled them out for us, plus I'm not fond of their center channel - just my $0.02 - my humble opinion - YMMV.
I think I'm going to wait until the new LSi series from Polk Audio to come out next year
They are alot raves about this speaker too...
Look at the Enjoy The Music review on the Strata Mini.....why pay more!
Someone over on the compared the new JM Lab's Chorus 826v's to the Strata Mini's for two weeks and they all liked the Chorus 826v's the best! It's on the JM Lab owners thread there on page 30.