JM Lab Electra users.... speaker cable termination

what's the best speaker cable termination(spade or banana or etc.) for the JM Lab Electra speakers; 901, 926, 936, etc.?
I have the Electra 905's and use Zu Cable biwire wax speaker cables with banana's. Works great for me.
There have been many discussions here on AudiogoN for spade/banana terminations. You could check the archives.
I use banana MIT T2 biwires on my 926s. Sounds sublime to me!
I use bare wire on my 926's. I use to use banana's until one popped off and shorted out my amp ! No more banana's !!!
I tried $200 dollar/pair spades on the 927 Electra Be's I had at that time. They were sold to me on the advice that the special springy sandwich layering of the spade would always ensure solid mechanical contact with the terminal. Maybe; but a slight bump while vacuuming and such, and the spades pop off. Back to bananas for me, those serrated plugs with a nice grip.
I use a biwire set of Audioquest Midnight cables terminated with spades on my 946 Electras. I like the more positive, solid connection of spades. Some banana plugs break off to easily if bumped. All boils down to personal preference, I'm a spade guy some prefer bananas, six of one, half dozen of the other.