JM Lab Electra Be 'LIMITED'???

What does it mean by limited edition...
It says "production is limited to 1000 models of Electra 907 Be, 500 models of 927 Be and 300 models of Electra 937 Be"

so after that, what?

'Regular' Electra 936, 926, etc. will continue to be the 'current' models? or will there be new models? or what?


Limited Edition

For our 25th anniversary, Focal-JMlab is launching a special limited edition of the Electra line, the Electra Be.
With our exclusive know-how, this line takes the best technologies and pushes them to their limits. With a new “ W “ cone, new OPC crossovers, it is a whole new construction drawing on luxurious finishes.
Above all, it is essential to stress that we have used the same pure Beryllium dome as in our world reference loudspeaker, the Grande Utopia Be. Needless to say that the unmatched refinement and natural beauty are the expressions of high quality listening.
As it is an exceptional event, the line had to be exceptional as well, therefore the production is limited to 1000 models of Electra 907 Be, 500 models of 927 Be and 300 models of Electra 937 Be.
It is a limited run, so get them while you can because they are great and very small number available....
There would be no more of them , this is stricly 25 year aniversary speakers!!!
I bought a pair of these speakers and they are exceptionally good. I put them in a spot that had previously housed a pair of Thiel 2.3's and before that PSB Platinum M2's and Eggleston Andras.

The room is a very difficult location for any speaker to perform well - 30' ceilings, a glass wall over 25' high and 22' wide behind the speakers. The room measures 23' wide X 30' deep. The problems encountered were echo, hollow sound, poor imaging, limited bass response. In essence, most of the speakers sounded lousy.

I have another dedicated listening room in my house, but I wanted music in the room that I have described. This particular room "belongs to my wife" and I did not have the freedom to utilize room treatment etc. If I was to have music, it had to be unobtrusive.

After trying the speakers listed, I had about given up hope - but then decided to try the small, beautiful Focal JM Lab 207Be limited edition speakers.

I can't tell you that they were perfect for the room, but they sounded, well, good.

Imaging popped into focus. Highs, lows and midrange seemed to be tight and "correct". Echo diminished (why, I don't know). Female voices - a real problem for the other speakers, sounded natural and "real".

Are the JM Lab speakers perfect for the room? No. They sound better in other locations but in this room, they sound GOOD. I am very pleased with the speaker. It's appearance is perfect. It's sound is full and beautiful

I like the Limited Edition JM Lab 207Be.
All of the JM Labs speakers I've heard have been very nice, indeed.

Every time I hear "limited", though, I am reminded of the old Seinfeld routine. "Take the Ford LTD. Limited? Yeah, limited to how many they can sell!" :-)
Heard the 937 Be yesterday and was very impressed. I've set up a new thread to compare it with the Diva, which is comparable, I'd say.

Limited edition just means that a certain quantity are produced and they won't make anymore. The other speakers in their line will continually be produced, however. That's the difference.
I have the 927Be's. They are very nice. Only 500 pairs of them out there. I would jump on it again in a second. It's those highs. It is just soooo smooth. Which ever one you get, you will not be let down.
I want a set of 907Be's! Cant find them and dont have the money if I did. I will just have to enjoy my 906's which I love.