JM lab Electra 920.1 vs 926

Just wondering which one is the better of the two, seems like there are lots of review on the 926 but not too many on the 920's.

Any thoughts?
are you sure the 920 are of the new Electra series,I like the 926.
I have not heard the Electra 920's but got blown away by the presentation of the 926's. They sounded very musical to me and the bass response was really great. The dealer had them playing pretty loud and they were crystal clear. I would spend time listening to both speakers before you decide which one to go with. Either way, I do not think you can go wrong. The 926' are pretty efficient too as they were running with a 50watt audio refinement integrated.
The 920.1's are the old series..
I dunno how good the 926's are, but i am really satisfied with my 920.1, they are really great, considering the price..