Jm lab Electra 915.1 in small room?

I would like to change my monitor Electra 905 to floor stand 915.1 but I don't know how the 915.1 works in room size 15'x12'x8'. Does anybody have experience or commnents about 915.1 model in small room like mine?
Thanks for your help
Generally saying smaller room to fill up with the sound is easier than a larger one. Nothing to me is excessive in this case. If Tannoy Churchhills (2'by2' on the bottom) will fit into 9'x11' room I would go for it with no worries.
I have a pair of 915.1's in a room just a little larger than yours. In my room they need to be at least 2-3 feet away from the rear wall. They image great front to back and side to side. If you like bass, anticipate buying a small sub. I listen to rock/jazz and like the extension a rather cheap sub provides. I put the sub dead in the middle of the 915.1's and it blends very well, allowing the 915.1's to retain their fast/crisp detailed sound.
I am using a Mezzo in a 12x14x9 room works a multichannel setup...also depends on how loud you want to crank it....I really cannot judge the magnitude of the soundstage it can generate due to the superior resolution...but i can afford a bigger i am not complaining