JM Lab Diva Be

I had a chance to recently audition the Diva Be a few days ago. It was fresh out of the box when I listened. To my ears, it still sounded quite nice even though it had not been broken in. This speaker has dual side-firing 8" bass speakers; one on each side of the cabinet. Since I have never owned or even listened to side firing speakers, I was wondering what sort of issues and details I should be aware of when looking into purchasing a speaker like this. I would like to hear comments on all of your thoughts. Thanks a bunch!!

Kelvin Panesar
I heard them at the highend show in Roterdam it was for me absolutly the best speaker of the show!It is a small florstander whit the bass and the sound of a big speaker.Very good and tight bass and treble to die for.If i woudt go shopping for new speakers this will have the priority!
I listened to a pair at the home of my high end retailer. Ordered a pair 2 days later and am waiting for delivery. This'll be the last speaker I ever buy...huge soundstage, great imaging, solid bass and trademark be highs.
The trouble is that I have already auditioned the Alto, so it may be very difficult to listen to the DIva. Yet, the Diva is really more in my budget. Therefore, it is promising to hear all of your positivity.

Is anyone aware of any english language editorial reviews on the Diva ?

What about playing this speaker loud ??? How about for alternative rock/rock (e.g. Radiohead, U2, REM, Strokes, White Stripes, Ryan Adams, Beck etc.)

I am looking for filling a 23x13 room (9 foot ceilings).

Thank you.
Do they 'involve' you in the music ?
well I had really hoped that the Diva would be provide a large slice of Alto Be at it's lower price. But, today I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with the Diva for the first time and then quickly compared to the Alto which I have listened to repeatedly. Unfortunately, I found the Diva very disappointing. This was being driven by the Simaudio P-5/W-5/Eclipse LE equipment. While the sound was not terrible, it did not involve you in the music the way the bigger Utopia Be's do. In fact, I would say that it is unfair to really call this a Utopia.

Trust me, I really wanted to love the Diva, but there is no way I could spend that amount of money on that speaker. On the other hand, having listened to many similar priced speakers, I can almost justify the 17K for the Alto.

Oh well ... such is life !!!!! SOme times you do get what you pay for !