JM Lab Chorus Speakers?

Does anyone own any of the Chorus series speakers? If so what do you think of them? What else should I look at? Thanks!!
I have a pair of JmLab Chorus 707S's and i think the world of em. Pretty inexpencive, excellent sound, over detail better than i expected, they also reach pretty low. I have not used the floor standers, but the 707s (largest bookshelf) can really get away without a subwoofer.

personally im completly satisfied with thier sound and presentation for such a low price.
They are not too hard to blend with a subwoofer either, just set it at 60hz and yer good to go.

I havent owned a TON of speakers, but of all the brands ive had i think these are my favorites, and some of the speakers i had in the past cost quite a bit more.
I have the 706S model. The speakers have excellent build quality. They are in my office system and I have compared them with NHT sb-3 and sonus faber minima. The jm's have bi-wire ability like the sonus and sound very much like them. The nht have better low end, but the jm's have more extended highs. Overall the chorus are a great value and ,in my experience, they can keep up with the more expensive speakers I compared they to. The cabinets are much better on the other two, but the sound is very close. I think you could be very pleased with any of the jm speakers. The power equipment I use is vintage mcintosh and vintage Marantz which seem to match up very well with the Chorus. I hope this helps. Regards
I helped a good friend purchase a pair of the 707s and I have continued to be impressed with them. I think JM has finally gotten a little more friendly with the crossovers on the lower line speakers as they usually end up with average equipment. The 707s' do not sound bright or mechanical like the Triangle Monitors.

I also think they great bass for a 2 way monitor. Definately a good direction in my opinion. You could do a lot worse.

I own a pair of Chorus 716S and boy I love them! I heard thru a JM Lab dealer here in Canada that all models of Chorus were made to compete with the equivalent model in B&W. Like the 716S were made to compete with the DM603 S3 but....they really override them. When I bought mine, there was a pair of demo 716S side to side with the 603 and that's why I could tell the difference. The Chorus is more linear all through the range than the 603, which lack of mid at a certain point. Also, some were complaining about the titanuim tweeter of the Chorus that may sound harsh or aggressive, well, that's exactly what i am looking for as I mainly listem to Jazz and classic. I am looking for a pair of electra 926 in a near futur but let me tell you that I still can live pretty good with my 716S. I may even say that under a $1,000, I can consider a real contender for the best speaker at this price range
Hi, have owned several JM labs speakers including the Chorus floorstanders. They are very good for the money but can be on the bright side but not harsh to my ears. This is toned down when you move the the "S" series but not eliminated,including the Colbalt or Electra. If you are thinking of stand mounted speakers, I would audition the RoksanOne's as well. These speakers are very impresive and underrated and offer plenty of bottom end without any tweeter over brightness plus, they are in wooden enclosures (not true with chorus), they list for $1000.00 and you can find them on the internet for bargan prices.
Just mu two cents worth, Milo
I have owned the Chorus 705s for about a week now. These are terrific well-balanced speakers. Their midrange and treble response is class leading in my view and considerably better than $400/pr would indicate.Bass is very good for a small driver.Most importantly though they are very musical.
The S range is very good, particularly the 707S and the 714S IMO. The main problem with these speakers is that people hook them up to cheap electronics since they are inexpensive speakers but that is doing them a huge injustice. They are very accurate and will reveal all the flaws in your electronics. Be prepared to give them quality power and you will be highly impressed by their clarity, expression, speed and timbre. Arthur