JM lab by focal (megane carat) helppp!!!!!!

JMlab by focal (megane carat) someone who gives me information about these speakers I have the pair but I can not find anything referring to them price or general information?
These were made back in the early 90's, they are 4ohm, typical wattage is around 100wpc to drive them, I think the woofers are kevlar and the tweeters ceramic. Very cool early days of the company before they became Focal. JM Lab made the flagship Utopia speaker back then too.
thank you very much for the data and do not know what is the price at which I can sell? the speakers and the drawer are very well cared for but I have no idea if they have any value
I best guess taking all factors into consideration is if you find the right person they should bring 1000.00 to 2000.00.

There again would have to be to the right person.

Best of luck,
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