JM Lab Alto Be vs Revel Salon

Probably two very different speakers. With a Hovland 100 preamp and a VTL ST150, which would be your choice of speaker?

Thank you for any advice you may have.

In my experience JMLab is more laid back and dull. The Revel is more detailed, up front and lively. The Utopia has more depth to the soundstage, but the Salons' soundstage is wider. The Salons are very dynamic and exciting, if you want to fall sleep while listening then the Utopia is the way to go. I used to own the Revel Salons and regret having sold them.
I have had a very different reaction to the the two speakers than Aron. Both are excellent speakers. The Altos are anything but dull, however. Paired with the right electronics (eg, Burmester) they are extremely dynamic and alive sounding, IMO, more natural and real sounding than the Salons. The berrylium tweeter is terrific but can sound disjointed IMO if not mated with the right electronics. So make sure they are mated with the right amp/preamp. When they are well matched, it is magical. The Salons have lower extension in the bass but also sacrifice some of the natural qualities of the mids that make the Studios so terrific. If I had to choose between both, I would easily pick the JM Labs Altos for sound, looks and stability of companies involved. I own neither speaker and currently own the Ascendo Z which are IMO better than either speaker mentioned but also more expensive. I have not heard your electronics so I cannot comment on how they would interact. It might be worth bringing your electronics to a dealer for a listen. Whatever decision you make, I doubt you will will disappointed, as both speakers are terrific.
Agree with Slaufer. JMLab Be series very lively and dynamic sounding with Be tweeter. May sound thin with wrong amp.