JM Lab 707S died on me.

Welp, last night i was working on getting my DVR installed, noticede very little sound coming from my right JmLab 707s. So i check the connections, long story short, i opened it up and pulled out the woofer and much to my dismay the woofer cone had seperated from the voicecoil assembly. so while the voicecoil still moved in an out fine, the cone doesent move at all.

I tried a quick DIY fix with some silicone, and it worked great for a short time then broke apart again.

Anybody know the driver model number of the 707s? im hoping i can just order a direct replacement from Focal.

If you can't locate a part number on the driver you should be able to contact Focal customer support and order part. Be prepared for a shock when asking for a price quote. Good luck.

That sucks. Contact Audioplus services and ask for IAN. I believe he is still there. He will help you. They rep JM Lab products for the US and will know the best path to get you a replacement driver.

Thanks Chris,
I have contacted them and Simon is going to send me a replacement driver. :)