I purchased a pair mezzo`s and wondered how other JM LAB owners get the black portions to realllly shine. I have heard a couple of ideas, I want to hear from other owners, of their special secrets. I want to do whats the best for the speaker shine. Thanks David
A good question. I use a high quality auto polish such as Zaino Bros. The most important part is the cloth you use. Anything with ployester in it will put fine surface swirls/scratches in the finish. I use those small soft cloths that are used for eyeglasses and have had good luck. Also 100% high quality cotton towels should also work
How do you like the Mezzo's?
I find them very revieling, the midband is very very good,imageing is great I have heard a better soundstage with Avalon, I have not worked out placement of speakers yet, 2ft from rear wall and about 4ft from side wall 12 1/2ft apart 11ft from speaker to listening position (chair) Im still experimenting with toe in. With JM LAB comingout with new models alto is the mezzo`s replacement but at 17k thats a litte to rich for my blood I found a dealer intrested in dumping the mezzo`s so he could replace with a set of alto so lets say I received a very very fair price with full warrenty. I looked at Kharma, Avolon, JM LAB, all great speaker companies, all with their own attributes. I feel this speaker will stay in my system a long time. David