JM Electra 920 vs JM Mezzo

If you know these speakers, how close would the 920 with a good sub sound(30 Hz and below operation) compared with the Utopia Mezzo alone. Sound stage?,dynamics?, Detail? Are they Vary close or not at all.
You get what you pay for. the drivers in both are incredible. the mezzo will be more detailed with more slam. If your going to do a sub get the 915's. They look better (more slender) and will play every bit as loud. If you want either of these speakers to sound good I would have tubes in there somewhere. You can e-mail me at [email protected]
JM Lab takes the same principles in the basic speaker construction the electra is built using less tecnology. You have read in their lit, Utopias have several devices applied to make it do what it does. First the drivers use better magnets Telar 57. They are more powerful than that of Electra magnets using them speeds up the driver allowing micro movments that bring you the detail and help focus sound stage. They are literaly faster drivers no question. Utopia implies the use of lead in sidewall construction lead adds mass mass effects cabnit vibration, and lead also has very good damping properties. So what differece does that make? Well as a driver is sent its singnal to modulate and reproduce the music you playing, it also modutales the cabinet in wich it rests. The cabinet physically vibrates "modulates" and returns this new vibration although not timely to the driver, remodulating it and adding the vibrations to your music and degrading reproduction. End result, more driver, cabnet, interaction and a less musical speaker with the electra.Still, simmilar sonic signature considering the similarities between the two desigens and materiels used. If you wish to get Utopia pureness in sound but your buget is falling toward Electra I can help you. It just so happens I have some Electras for sale they are modified a bit and I would like to say that in there current form, may give the big brother a run for the money. Plus for 1/3 the cost add a smile to your face each time you listen, knowing you just cheated the system. More info call or E-mail me, by the way I will be listing the Electras hear look for 920s red cherry. Email [email protected] or call 1(780)674-3374 Merry Chrismas @ God Bless! Doc.
i use electras 920 with a 8008bb aragon amp a aurum pre-amp and a adcom cd cables are nordost blue heaven for interconects and vampire for speakers.this is for music .for ht i have a velodyne 15' sub.the room is 18x24 having said all this i don't see the need for a sub the slam is more than good and i like hard rock at high levels.the mezzo should sound more audiophile as the above answer says so it comes down the same as always your ears and taste.these speakers are very efficent so your choice of amp will also make the difrence if you want tubes they will sound different .hope this helps ask anything if you want.