JLTi phono preamp - upgraded power supply?

I've got the basic wall wart PS to go with my JLTi phono stage.

I'm looking for diy or cost effective upgraded power supplies. The $900+ for the upgraded JLTi oem ps is out of my budget.

I conducted a number of searches but only came up with mention of the stock / oem upgraded PS. In the Positive Feedback review by Roger Gordon, there was mention of some JLTi users experimenting with DIY upgraded PS but I haven't had any success in finding out what those PS were (I attempted to locate Rogers email address, but was not successful).

I've read favorable posts mentioning Acopian as a quality off-the-shelf PS. They range +/- $200. My budget target range is $300 to $400.

The power supply needs are output 16VAC~to~18VAC with 1.25 Amps.

Has anyone see plans, articles, or made a custom PS for
this unit?

This was part of the ad for my JLTi:

(It has a custom build external power supply built by Mr. Roger Sheker the Chief Engineer for Audience Audio. Roger also upgraded the capacitors to the unit when he built the power supply.)

If you cannot contact Roger directly you might try Jay at Audio Revelations. The last I heard Roger does the service work on these units for them.

im curious to know if the SimAudio PSX5.3 could be used in the JLTi.

and become an standard something like API 500 series.

im also considering purchasing the Sim Audio LP3, and use those Video amplifier psu, that use coaxial F shielded cables.