JLTI or Tavish Phono Stage

Hey fellow 'goners

I've currently got an Allnic h1200 phono stage, but have been bitten by the upgrade bug. Listened to a friends Tavish Design 6SL7 recently and was impressed, great separation and clarity. Wasn't able to directly compare it to my Allnic though. I've been reading up on the JLTI mk4 unit as well as the ARC PH3. Should I upgrade or be content with what I have? What's the trade-off between a solid-state phono stage and a tube-based stage?

If I upgrade I'd love to keep it around 1k in the used market with a bit of wiggle room. 

Rest of my system - VPI Scout turntable, Nagaoka MP50 Cartridge, ARC LS25, Audioprism Debut Amp, Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grand speakers. 


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