JL Labs vs. REL

Hi- pros and cons of REL S series vs. comparably priced JL Labs subwoofer? Would be used mostly for music with Dynaudio Special 25s
in an 18' x 14' room.
I wouldn't buy a REL because they have really gone DOWNHILL since the Britainia series (B1, B2, B3). Go with the JL sub.
I don't think the new series of REL are in any way inferior to the older series. I actually think the connector's, the cabinet finish and in fact the overall sound is superior. Obviously, YMMV.
Since the S series is rather new, you may not find anyone with experience with the two of them.
I concur. REL is the best sub (for music) in the market.
JL Audio does a nic job for HT applications only.

Yes, the Britainia series were outstanding! Keep me posted and happy listening!
Then people, please share your experience with the older R series, thanks!
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10-12-14: Jafant
I concur. REL is the best sub (for music) in the market.
JL Audio does a nic job for HT applications only.
A misplaced dogmatic statement.

I've heard JLs in a variety of music-only systems, including matched with panel speakers, and they can blend in seamlessly with no risetime lage or timbre-matching challenges. There are scads of pro reviews of the JL Fathoms and Gothams to corroborate this, even when used with solo classical guitar.
Agree with Johnnyb53. My JL works very well in a music only system with Nola speakers, blending seamlessly. Both of these brands of subs can work well in a 2-channel system if set up right. I also agree with Bob Reynolds about how the subs connect, it does make a difference in choosing between them.
No clue about JL subs but I do know that REL knows how to make subs...I rant about my decade plus old Q150e as it works extremely well, and I'm on board with the "high level" input technology as it renders the signal cable length issue irrelevant. A friend who has the same main speakers as I do uses a newer little 8" REL and it sounds great in his system. Use common sense setting up any sub and simply watch the levels and you can obtain a beautifully balanced sound...I turn my REL up and down depending on the source bass level and how loud my listening level might be...louder if I'm drinking heavily and dancing with prostitutes, softer if I'm trying to locate grouped violas...never lose track of grouped violas...trust me.
REL still makes the most musical subwoofers out there. I have owned about 6 different REL subwoofers and they were all incredible. Plus, different gain settings for music and movies... awesome.
I stand firm that all these new REL'S S, R, series, don't hold a candle to what they made 10-15 years ago...this new shiny piano black finish with smaller parts all around and not nearly the quality or the weight of the older series, this is why I am down on REL they should be getting better not cheaper made! And they have the nerve to charge near the same price. I love my REL Britannia B2, you can keep the new ones. Unfortunate.
Rel is garbage and the service sucks.
Shouldn't that be "Rel ARE Garbage?" How about "Rel BE garbage" as a nod to modern speech? My REL is from another era (maybe 12 years ago) and it's a Q150e...so I guess I pass the "new REL sucks" test as the damn thing works a lot better than it should for the 200 clams I paid for it...however...I've heard a few newer RELs in action and they're fine (actually excellent), and still among the few using the High Level speaker signal which for a few dollars more can be wireless (a great idea). I dispute the claims of newer one's quality issues especially if the finish and "smaller parts" are the criteria, and think the fact that REL offers enough models to cover various budget constraints is a good thing. I can't comment about the service until my REL breaks...then they better be real nice to me or I'll retract all of my supportive posts.