JL Gotham, Seaton HP, Funk Audio 18.2 or ?

I was just about to buy two JL gothams and then made a mistake of doing a random internet search and came across a bunch of threads raving about Funk Audio (Funky Wave) and Seaton. Now I'm very confused. Does anyone have any experience listening to both (or all three) of these? Should I be looking for something else?

I'm looking for two I-never-have-to-buy-another subs for a dedicated 2.2 music setup. Right now I have a medium room, but hoping to move to a different house with a very large, high ceiling'd room. I'm going to have someone professional come in and treat it. If it matters the system the pair would go into is a set of dunlavy sc-v's driven by a pass labs x350.

How about a less ambitious question: has anyone heard the funk audio 18.2?
Your spending $24,000 on subwoofers . What's wrong with you?
Do you realize what the site "audiogon.com" is about?

And why would you assume I am paying anywhere near MSRP?
I was just teasing. I would think one Gotham would be enough for almost any room.
Ah, sorry Toddnkaya --- tinnitus has made me tone deaf to nuance.

I guess I'll go with the gothams. I don't have any way to listen to the others and it's hard to figure out how reputable the various posters that rave about seaton/funk audio are.
I've heard twin Fathom f212s mated with a pair of Magneplanar 20.1s and it was pretty awesome and a totally seamless integration.

Tone Publications has a review of twin Gotham G213s and it's hard to imagine doing better. The issue starts on page 130 of the downloadable ToneAudio Issue 26.

Also, I agree with what you're doing. I think picking the best subs you can afford is an excellent way to begin a system, because the subs determine the system's ultimate bass extension and dynamics and the maximum capability to energize and pressurize the listening area. The better the subs, the faster and deeper they are, and the more they determine the range of speakers that make the best match for the space and the capabilities of the subs.