JL F113 vrs SVS SB13

Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my sub situation.  Does anyone have experience with these two brands and can give a comparison?  I have heard JL113 and currently own a RELB1.  But need a larger driver, and more power to really get down low and obtain room lock.  Also will most likely get two that match.  I can get two SVS for less than one JL new!  But have never heard them.  Do they compare? This is for 2 ch audio as well to augment my Wilson Watt Puppies .   Thank you

PS there is a new SVS soon to be released with a 16" driver...for 2k 

Room acoustics already? Bass EQ?

You are much better off with a good EQ and room treatment and an SVS than the JL sub alone.

If you don't have either, I'd keep your rel, contact GIK Acoustics, and do some research into sub eqs at Room EQ Wizard page or miniDSP.
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I had the SB13 and sold it for JL Audio F110 V2s. The F110's has more articulate bass and played louder in my room. I  ended up selling both to upgrade to full range speakers. Now, I use an SVS PB 2000 in my HT system. I'm thinking of ordering the SVS SB16. 
Yes I have room treatments (acoustic panels) as well as a McIntosh MEN220 EQ and cross over  and the sub is properly timed. 

ricred1, are you saying that the JL F110 out preformed the SVS SB13, yet you are back to SVS? can you elaborate ?

There is a comparison of the SVS SB13 Ultra and the Rythmik F15HP available for reading somewhere on the net.

Yes, I'm saying the JL F110 V2 out performed the SVS SB13 in my room. You said, "yet you are going back to SVS." I submit the criteria is different for HT, in comparison to 2-channel use. The SB-2000 was relatively inexpensive compared to JL Audio and I couldn't justify spending more for HT use. I'm only considering the SVS SB16 Ultra, because I'll receive 100% trade-in for my SVS PB-2000. For 2-channel use I would use JL Audio over SVS every time!
Good explination, thanks

How big is your room?

Also, are you able to measure your system together?

Before you buy more gear I'd make sure the room was completely dialed in.

Panels are nice, but they aren't bass traps. Measurements would be where I'd start, or add soffit traps and then re-calibrate.

Otherwise, try data-bass.com for a lot of measurements and information.


Room equalisation - pah!

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