JL F112 or F113

Searching for the best sub choice for music.  I will be upgrading to a pair of new subs,  The question is specifically.  How does the 112 compare to the 113 ?  I know the 113 has more power but is the 112 tighter or faster for music? Or just smaller and less power and less expensive?  I noticed that on the Sound Doctors site (via JL site) that they have used 112 in Mastering studio instals instead of 113.  Any comments from experience?

They are both sealed so quite similar in response. The larger cone will have more linear power. Just be aware that room response increases at lower frequencies so a sub that has a flat response to 20Hz anechoic will need calibration in almost every domestic situation (if used for music). This is room related and the way low frequencies excite modes and get boosted.

My speakers have 15" woofers and roll off at 25Hz and in practice I find I prefer the sound without any assistance from my 15"subwoofer when listening to music.

I note you have ML speakers. I am not sure if it will be easy to match. Panels are limited in bass and dynamic range. Your desire for more bass may be related to a desire for a more dynamic presentation. Anyway all I am saying is system synergy is just as important as the subwoofer specs.
I've had both and found that the F112s did sound faster to me.   I ended up keeping the 112s since they blended in better with my system than the 113s.