JL e110 sub

hi guys,
I just bought a JL e110 sub.  I understand that it has a low pass filter.
When the active crossover is on, the low freq signal is filtered into the sub.
But I also get low frequency signal into my main speakers?

Is that the way it's supposed to be?  Anyone with experience with this sub?

Yes you just need to turn the cross over on. There is no low pass filter only a crossover. If you don't want to use it as a crossover just use the line in with no line out and it will work the same as a filter but have an adjustable slope. 

I have two jl112es

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i am using a locally built tube preamp and amp

there is no sub output from the preamp so i need to place the sub in between and use the internal crossover

speakers are totem hawks for now but getting new ones soon

i don't quite get how crossover works.  I thought if you set the freq to say 60 hz, then there is no signal going to the main speakers.  If there is, then essentially i am running the speakers full range, and supplementing freq below 60hz with the sub.  How do people connect to subs at line level without crossover.....so confusing
Dead quiet? I don’t think so.

I would imagine there would be some sound coming through at a much lower level than otherwise. The further down you listen from the crossover frequency, the SPL from the main speakers should drop off dramatically. 80dB per decade (or 24dB per octave) according to what I’ve been reading.

Can you describe your setup?

actually i read that thread. 
But it's still not very clear.

I put the subwoofer between the preamp and amp, utilizing the JL's internal crossover.

When I set the sub crossover at 60 hz, and when I play a test track of 50 hz, am I supposed to hear output from the speakers also?  or should they be dead quiet, since all the signal is going to the sub?

thanks again