JL audio subwoofers users do you use crossover?

I just spoke to tech dept. at JL audio and found out that their subs don't have a high pass signal output that would go to the power amp feeding the main speakers.
What do owners of these subs use for the signal that feeds the amps to the main speakers. Obviously you can't have the main speakers producing the low bass that the subs are designed to.
When I asked to recommend a crossover they mentioned DEQX. But this is a digital x-over, I am using a tt and would prefer to keep digital out of the system, what is recommended?
I thought it would be great to have a sub with a high pass, just like other brands do, but JL told me they are not going to go there. Any comments, is that better to have the x-over away from the sub or in the sub.
My Martin Logan has a high pass and I feel it is very good, but after reading about JL's subs it is tempting to try them out.
Nelson pass made a x-over that is supposedly very good, but it is pricey.
I have an old Nelson Pass Threshold active xover--it is much better than the xover in previous subs--I now use this with a pair of JLaudio 113--I think their thoughts were that most HT systems would use the dig processor for xover and if you were going to use it in a 2ch system an outboard xover would be superior -----you could always try an NHT or Bryston xover if you didn't want to go to the Pass labs
Here you go.


Forgot to mention, I need balanced xlr's.
Try looking in to a pair of Vandersteen 2WQ Subs with one of the most simple transparent High pass systems available The Vandersteen X5 in either RCA or XLR This unit offers a small battery that keeps the Caps and cables formed at all times ultra hi quality parts inside.It is truly
one of the best I have run and and available at a fair cost.
Best Johnnyr
The NHT X2 filter will work well with the JL Audio subs; it supports balanced connections.

Shameless plug... My M&K base management controller is for sale here at audiogon; supports balanced connections and provides level trim on each channel, which the X2 does not.

It turns out that few subs have proper high pass filters built into them. For those that do (like many Velodyne units) the filter is 1st order and probably passive.

The SVS PB13-Ultra has an active 2nd order high pass filter built into it. It supports both balanced and unbalanced connections. Read the review in the latest Stereophile and check out the independent measurements on the web -- it out performs the F113 in the deep bass.

A negative of having bass management in the sub is that you can not apply room correction on the bass channel. With an external filter you can add a Velodyne SMS-1 on the bass channel and keep the main channels unaffected.

Bryston also makes an excellent sub crossover, but it is about $2500 I believe. I have read on this forum that JL Audio was suggesting a Rane crossover. That's another option and it has a unique timing delay feature.
Here's another balanced high pass filter.
Note that the ACI (great people by the way) filter is passive.