JL Audio subwoofer crossover - any comments ?

I currently own a JL F110 and I was thinking of adding another F110 ....I see where JL Audio now has a crossover for sale and was wondering if anybody has purchased this product and has it helped in integrating their subs in a 2 channel system ???? I have always thought that a crossover is the correct way to go when adding sub-woofers to a music system. Thank you in advance
I use 2 JL F110 with monitors. I have full audio signal going to each monitor as well as each sub. I use passive crossovers (inline between pre out and amps driving monitors) set at 100hz. So, monitors do not deal with below 100 hz and are much more efficient. Then on the JL you can set the slope and coordinate so they all blend together.
I have been getting great results and absolutely integrate well.

My x-over is custom made by the guys who built my speakers - Vapor audio.
I use the JL Audio F110 with the Bowers & Wilkins CM10 GB. I cross over at 80 HZ. I this the F100 is the best 10" sub out there
....thank you, but I am still inquiring if anyone has bought and is currently using the JL Audio CR -1 crossover with their subs. Let me know if it made a difference.
I have pair of E112 from JL audio. They have built in crossovers and I and turn the crossover off with a switch and do a direct A/B with and without crossovers. There is no comparison, they are better in everyway using the crossover.
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