JL Audio Subs

Hello Folks, 

i am looking for opinion on buying a single f212 vs a pair of f112's or f113's.  I just sold my pair of REL B1's and looking for worthy replacements.  Most of you may know that REL B1's been known for their strengths on a 2-channel music.  

I am looking for a well balanced subwoofer that excel equally on 2-channel audio and movies in a dedicated HT room.  I plan to complement the subs with my 800D2's.  

From what I have read so far, 2 subs are better than one.  Any feedback from the owners of f212 will help me make up my mind. 

I don't care for B&W subs.  

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I used two JLAudio subs, model F212.  I put them on the outside of my line array stereo speakers and used them for music and movies.  

At one time I had all the surround speakers and amps but find two channel adequate for movies now and much simpler.

The JLAudio subs have a lot of adjustment, phase, crossover point and gain so even if your room is not acoustically balanced left and right, you can tweak them a bit and get excellent results.   In my situation it took many months for the JLAudio to break in (I bought them new) and several months of moving them and adjusting the controls.

In the end it was not possible to tell where the main speakers left off and subs began.  If you can find a pair of these used it would save a lot of time since you can’t achieve accurate integration until they are broken in.  I no longer use these since I changed speakers but I respect JLAudio a lot.  A very good product.
I use 2 f110's in my set and get very seamless integration. Two is going to integrate better than one. If you follow up on Dr Geddes research you might even want to consider the swarm approach and consider 4 smaller subs placed about the room for smoother bass response. While you are at it you may also want to take a look at the audiokinesis sub swarm as well.
Thanks hew.  I did look at the Swarm sub system. Space will be an issue with 4 subs and I don't fancy the idea of external amplification.  

I will be looking to obtain a pair of 113's or 112's.  A pair of 212's could be overwhelming for the room with 30'w x 15'D dimensions. 
I read this:


and this:


At my budget, these looked terrific and let me grow my system around them. 

Just placed an order for f212v2.  Will post my feedback in couple of weeks.  

Thank you everyone!