JL Audio sub users

Those that use JL Audio subs in two-channel systems, how did you connect them? Do you run your speakers full, use an external x-over, etc.?
I have a client who runs his front speakers full range and reinforces the low end with JL subs.
We built some custom MIT cables for him to daisy chain 2 of the JL subs together.
I use an active xover--50hz and above to my stats and below that goes to the subs--subs sound better in stereo .
Ras--In what part of the chain is your crossover?

Buff--Awesome system and room you have there!
I connected a balanced Y-XLR cable to my left output of my Levinson 380S Pre..... I sounds excellent.
I was also looking at adding a JL F112 to my 2-channel system and was thinking of running my Martin Logan's full range and run the JL below 40 or 50 hz.
I'm running my B&W 800's fullrange while using a F-113 crossed over around 47 hz. It's really easy to tweak this sub to integrate with a two-channel system, even without an active crossover rolling off your main speakers.
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I had two jl 113's running with Merlins and Sophias. I found the bass was much stronger when the speakers were in the limited mode. It was set up as a master slave.

I just got some andra II's and now I think its sounding better with the andras running full range, which surprised me.

Wehn i had the sophias running full range with the 2 113's it sounded very wimpy and my stereo installer was not impressed at all. When we changed it to limited it was a huge boost in bass.

It does take a lot of messing with settings to get things right, which is not my forte!
Excellent advice Bob. But where in the chain is the best spot to add the x-over.

Mpit, you use a processor though don't you, not a two-channel pre? Concensus agrees with you that it can take a lot of tweaking, not my forte either!
Slightly different reasoning:

If you don't want to tweak the night away, run the mains in "limited" (I assume this means 100hz x-over) and insert an automatic room EQ (like the SVS/Audyssey box) between the pre/pro and the subs. By crossing at 100hz, the Audyssey will room correct up to that frequency - which is where your room causes the most trouble anyway. It will also set level automatically. There will be no additional circuitry between your pre and your main speakers above 100hz, where you might actually hear it.


Caveat: I use the Velodyne SMS-1 for this task (it's more flexible than the SVS and sounds great), but it requires a lot of tweaking for best results. I haven't heard the SVS/Audyssey unit which performs the same EQ automatically. However, KR, who reviews at Stereophile and ocassionally posts here, has compared the Velo with the Audyssey and prefers the latter, hence my recommendation of the SVS/Audyssey. Since you evidently have the x-over in your pre/pro, you don't need the Velo's internal crossover, which would be another reason to opt for it over the SVS.
Maybe the best way to run the JL Audio subs as bass augmentation devices is to use custom speaker-level cables such as the ones in this review. JL Audio should include them with the sub.

I will be replacing my ML depth within a week with a Jl audio 113 fathom to run with my ML odyssey's running full range. I could report back to you after I get the 113 if you like.
I have 2 Gotham subs integrated into my system. here is my audiogon link as to how I did it

I run my X-2's full range BTW

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Actually Bob you addressed my question so you must have understood more than you thought?

While I'd prefer the easiest route, I suspect your latter assessment would be my best route.

I see some options out there for after the amp and others before.