JL Audio Fathom Owners and Looking to own One

CAUTION!!!! I purchased a JL Audio F-112 approx. 6 years ago and have really enjoyed it! BUT, now that it's out of warranty, here is where the problem starts. My sub lost power so I called Barry @ JL Audio's customer support. I was told that they DO NOT fix them, but instead, they replace the WHOLE AMPLIFIER!!! Which, mind you, happens to cost upwards of OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS, NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING!!! So if you are in the market for a used JL Audio F-112 or F-113 you better think twice about it, and hopefully you saved your box if you own one! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
A friend of mine looking to build a subwoofer is looking at a 750W amplifier for his subwoofer and it costs about 800 bucks. If the item is out of warranty and you had to pay over a thousand for the 1500W amp in the JL subwoofer, it is IMHO not entirely unexpected.

In some respects, it is like if you buy an old Ferrari 360 for cheap money and baulk at the maintenance cost of running a Ferrari.
I don't think anyone repairs plate amps. It's hard to say whether $1k is an unreasonable price for replacing that particular amp without more insight into the cost structure at JL. It wouldn't be too shocking to me to assign a quarter to a third of the cost of the new product to the amp, so - if the sub was app $2k MSRP - and, given the labor involved in such a repair, $1k might well be in the expected zip code for the job.

It sucks, but I'm not at all sure that they're being unreasonable with you. OTOH, I can't be sure that they're not being unreasonable. Either way, you can buy a pair of excellent subs from SVS, Rythmik, or Hsu for app $1500, so it might make more sense to just move on.