Jl audio fathom f212v2 noise and hum

Just picked up a pair of these to replace the svs pb1000 i had prior. However after plugging these in to the same outlet (its a panamaz suge protected outlet) i’m experiencing two things i did not experience with the svs pair.  1) there is constant low level noise, like a very low white noise that is present when on, even if not connected to anything else. 2) a cyclical hum that seems to come on when my panasoni vt60 plasma is on. I beleive these are likey using the same circuit/ are wired though on different outlets.

Ive tried rca and balanced cables. No discernable difference there.  The subs are massive to move but next step is im goint to try them on dedicated circuits in a different room to see if that does anything.  Open to ideas here and hoping there is a solution. Thanks! 
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It might be a ground loop hum ... too many components on the same outlet or circuit. 
Are these brand new or used?

I also own the 212v2, the low level noise you mentioned seems to be inherent with this model. The faint noise doesn’t bother me as it’s not audible from my listening position. 
Thanks for the responses. I’ve been researching ground loop hum. The hum when it came on was cyclical it was not constant which makes me wonder if it is being caused by something else in the house maybe a dimmer or microwave.  I’ve been very busy with work and have not had the time to do more testing but I have a test plan thought out which I will post when I have some time. The other odd thing, maybe it’s normal for jl, is there is a small pop on each when they are first plugged in. Once they are going they sound great and the white noise is basically inaudible. Didn’t hear the hum last time when I had the TV off which makes me wonder if it is the cable connection to the TiVo mini. I have read coax cable can be a culprit sometimes.  
Hi esthios13,

A couple years back I bought a Classe CT-2300 power amplifier and found the amp made a rhythmic hum sound. The sound came from the amp not through the speakers, turned out that my 60" Panasonic Plasma television was introducing DC voltage into the AC main circuit, and the amp (on the same circuit) didn't like that.

Try using a extension cord from a outlet on a different circuit and see if that helps. I ended up running a dedicated circuit for my Classe amp and the problem was solved.

Good luck,
I think there’s a ground switch on the back panel, try that
So tried a bunch of different tests and the cyclical buzz hum seems to only manifest when I have the marantz 8802a on the input for the TiVo mini. Going to try one of the cable tv ground loop isolators and see if that gets rid of it.  
Oh and the ground switch on the back, after reading the manual is only for unbalanced inputs. I’m using balanced but thanks for the suggestion. 
Cable tv ground loop eliminator and emotiva cmx-2 have been ordered will post back in the next week or two when they have been tested. 
So I received the CATV ground loop eliminator - that seems to have taken care of the cyclical hum I was hearing.  However when bright scenes show up in the plasma or I’m fast forwarding there is still hum that seems to track with it. Hopefully the Cmx-2 will help with this. 
Emotive finally restocked the CMX-2, and I got one. And that did the trick for the hum

only question left is whether all jl audio subs have a small pop when turning on.  It’s  not loud but loud enough to hear. Hoping that’s normal.....
Is the sound coming from the speaker cones or from the transformers in the plate amp?  If it's transformer hum it comes from DC on the AC power caused by load imbalance.  Plasma TVs and light dimmers can cause this.  If its not coming from the speaker cones, it's not a ground loop.

This product solved the same problem for me:


the Emotive CMX-2 should also work.
Hi wloeb- I’ve been able to fix the hum issues through the use of the emotiva CMX-2 and a filter I inserted into the coax cable prior to the connection to the TiVo mini

The one residual question I have is around subwoofer thump/ when they first turn on. I have them in standby so as soon as a signal is recognized they turn on, however there as an audible thump. 
@esthlos13: I have a pair of Fathom 113’s. I connected them as master/slave, as well as independently and have not experienced and thumping noise.  When I turn on my Sony E2000ESD I use as a remote control for independent volume, I hear a very soft relay click, as they are sensing the signal, but that’s all.