JL Audio Fathom 113 Hi Pass Filter

I am considering purchasing a fathom 113 sub to use for stereo 2 channel and double in a surround sound system. Will I be able to use the sub for the 2 channel stereo system without a high pass filter? If a high pass filter is required any recommendations?
The jl subs assume you are using a HP filter for your main speakers and that is advisable to do. If you do not have one, how you will implement if will depend on your system. Do you have a separate preamp and amp or some other way to insert a line level filter? How are you planning to connect the sub?

I am using a 113 in my main 2 channel system without a high pass filter on the mains with excellent results. Best sub I have ever had, easiest to integrate. I'm sure I don't have it dialed in perfectly, but it got so close on first brush, I've been qujite happy with it.
I just recently added a pair of Fathoms to my two channel system. Superb. To do this right, add a high pass filter like the Bryston 10B Sub. You'll be amazed at the performance of your system.