JL Audio F113 --- Loud Buzz --- ??? --- Bizzarre

I have two F113's in my 2 channel system. I keep them in the Auto Mode so they turn on when they sense a signal. All of a sudden one starts blurting out this high pitched rumble that ends up stuttering loudly. Turn the power switch to off and obviously it stops. Turn it back on and it emmits the same sound and it doesn't stop. I have tried other power recepticles, unhooking IC's that run to the pre amp. No success ......... what the **** happened ???? Bizzarre ????
Sounds like the subs internal amplifier has gone insane/broken. It needs repair/replacement.
Thanks Elizabeth, I was hoping for something not as bad. Oh well, I still have one to enjoy while the other is getting repaired. I also noticed that we must have a power dispution / surge. These units were plugged directly into the wall. Should I be using a surge protector between the sub and the wall outlet? Luckily both didn't get damaged ...
The same thing happened to my F113. Lightning struck very near our home and the sub started squealing immediately. It was plugged directly into the wall as well. I had to send it back to FL for repair. They suggested a SurgeX suppressor/conditioner.
Both my fathom f113 subs were severely damaged after
a power failure/surge. JL Audio needed to replace the
amplifiers and wiring. As JL Audio suggested I'm now
using Surg-x surge protection units with each sub.
JL Audio honored the warranty but the repair took almost
a month. Good Luck!
If you had a surge, I agree with Elizabeth- you probably fried one of the modules in the Class D internal amplifier. I had a lightning strike near my home last spring and it cooked a Rowland Class D amp that was run via a surge protector. The best thing to do in a storm is UNPLUG! Don't bank on a surge protector. Good luck packing up that F113. That thing weighs close to 100 pounds. My F112 came with a fault in the ARO LED, but I said to hell with it- it works, I don't need the green light to go on to tell me it works, and I'm not packing that beast up unless it flat out fails completely.
What model Surg-X did they recommend?
People,please unplug your equipment during storms.
They recommended the SurgeX SA20.
I guess I'll start running them through a surge protector. We didn't have a storm, just loss of power. The rest of my equipment runs through my Hydra 6. I don't have any problems with any other gear. Should I have a surge unit on the Hydra before going to the power in the wall? I always unplug when a thunderstorm is coming through. I live in Salt Lake and it's still Winter and snowing !!! My luck ........ go figure.
Surge protectors are hit and miss. They often miss during storms, and during power outages they may miss as well. That's a big miss for your gear. I don't think you should unplug after each listening session. I don't do that, it's a hassle. But if we're talking ultimate protection, that's the way to go.