JL Audio f112 or f113 sub?

Any thoughts on which sub (f112 or f113) would be a better choice for mostly 2 ch stereo listening and occasional home theater. I currently have Thiel CS 3.6 speakers with Bryston 4B amp and an outlaw audio processor. I am also planning on purchasing a Thiel SCS4 centeer channel speaker. Room size: 13' wide by 20' deep with 8' ceilings. Room opens into an open kitchen and dining area. Thanks
two f112's
It depends mostly on your SPL level needs. 1 F112 might be enough, if not go for 1 F113 and if still not enough go for 2 F112.
Rel B1 or Studio (if you want to move up), more hook up options and I think faster, and deeper.
If you plan on keeping them 2 F112 will be more than enough. I think the F113 have a better resale ratio. Either way 2 subs always sound better than one IMHO.
FWIW The CS3.4 has a lot of bass already so the main benefit may be to supplement it for two channel and to protect your mains when listening to movies with heavy bass. An F113 should get you around 110 db SPL clean usable LF in your room. That should be enough.
Thanks for the responses. The Thiel cs 3.6 had plenty of bass for 2 ch stereo listening in a previous house. In the current house, the CS 3.6 speakers lost allot of the bass due to poor room acoustics. I assume a sub will help bass compensate for the poor room acoustics. Ideally I would like 2 f112s, however, I normally do not listen to loud music and assume a single f112 or the 113 would be adequate. Any thoughts on if the f112 would be a little fater and possibly integrating better than an f113?
I pondered the same question and went with 2 112's they sound great in my HT system and i have had no regrets. I wondered if a single sub would work. I took the advise of my audio guru and went with dual 112's and could not be happier. BTW the 112's are right at the limit of what i can comfortably move around by myself.
I called JL Tech support about this very question about a year ago. The tech rep I spoke to said most employees choose 112's. He said they feel the 112's are more musical and easier to integrate in most listening environments. The rep really seemed to favor pairing up 112's best for music. It seemed to be a purely subjective recommendation.

Being JL tech's, I felt it was JL bias, yet, a fairly accurate read on the question. Either would be great properly set-up.

I've also been told exactly what Soundsbeyondspecs advised. I would start with one f112. If that works,great! If not, buy another f112 as budget permits.
have you considered a thiel sub? they are designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with thiel speakers. you can do it without but if you want perfect, they have passive and active crossovers that will get you there.
Thanks for all of the responses. I am going to start with a single f112 and add another f112 at a latter date if needed.
Dal0wol, just to let you know that I too have talked with JL Audio about the F112 and F113. I wanted two subs as well and the first thing the guy asked me was in regards to room size and seating position in the room and if the speakers were on the long wall or short wall. Also, positioning two subs close to the front speakers is ideal in a two channel setup. Stage size will change and add more ambience with better balance overall. If you are buying new give them a good work out because they take a while to really break in.
Ivan (Masterlu) who owns the AudioAficionado.org site (Forum) gives good deals on both.
I just bought another sub from him myself.
I'm not the most experienced fellow on here but I gotta laugh at the idea of two F112's in the same room. Mine knocks crap off shelves on the other side of the house, turns my wifes closet door into a giant passive radiator for base in her office, and generally makes me look for damaged drywall. With two of those suckers I'll need to have my mortgage with Home Depot!
Paulsax, adding another doesn't mean you would bring the house down. Volume can go down but integration with mains can go up. Just depends on what you are trying to do with them. If you wanted to loosen some nails two could do that.
now that makes lots more sense. I was coming from the place where the output just doubled and I was living in a tent by my wreckage.
I had both, but prefered the F112 over the F113. Now I plan on getting a second F112.
I have two f113 couldn't be happyer but I have a big room and use them for HT. For music I would do 2 f112, a bit faster sub. One is good, two balances the room better, in most cases, depending on the room. Have to qulaify that.
Thanks for all of your responses. I went with one f112 to start. Am very happy so far. Have ~ 10 hrs on sub. Sub sonds better with a few hrs, but still needs break in time.
I just added 2 f113s to my system for 2 channel. They setup easy and sound great. I may or may not add them to my HT setup or keep my Aereal sw12 for that.

What do ya all think?
Are you still pleased with the 2 f 112's for audio?

I use 2 f113 subs in my stereo system and they do double duty with home theater. I felt the f113's were faster than the f112's for 2 channel but made little difference in home theater.