JL Audio F110 Vs F112

Would a pair of F112 be a significant improvement over a pair of F110 for hi-fi music only system?
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I had dual F110 v2s and now I have 1 F112 v2. In my system, in my room I prefer 1 F112 over dual F110s.

If you're doing a music only system and have the budget to get two f110's, you should ABSOLUTELY be scrapping the Fathom idea and getting FOUR e110's.  Two stacked on the left side inside the left speaker, and two on the right side inside the right speaker.  

Use the crossover between your amp and preamp. Bliss.
I understand everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. How many people have actually compared dual F110s to one F112 or dual F112s to four F110s? Based on my experience,  I still would take dual F112s to four F110s. 

I already have the F110s and would be trading them in for used a pair of F112s.

My room precludes using four subs.  We have an open doorway/wall at the rear side of the left wall, which is where I'd place #3, and I have a wall mounted turntable on the front right wall, which is where I'd place #4.  I would prefer not to have a sub too close to the turntable--my main source.

Maggies also eat up a lot of floor space giving them room to breath.

Thanks for all the thoughts and comments, Tom
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I understand what the research says, but in my room, with my equipment I prefer one F112 over dual F110s.
My room is 20' x 26' and I have freedom of placement. I use it for two channel and in my surround sound. I have a hybrid system.
In my listening room of a little over 13’ x 16’ I find a single SVS SB16-Ultra to blend in very well. I’ve placed it off-center to the right between my two main speakers, and has spent some time aligning it fore/aft to make for the best timing integration, as well as adding a few, small DIY bass traps in each corner behind the main speakers to help control some bass peaks and make for a more stable and saturated stereo image. Coupled with the slight use of DSP-based PEQ and phase adjust the integration is excellent, and the respons is very flat. Coverage and smoothness through multiple (usually smaller) subs may have an advantage compared to a single sub, but I would emphasize the problem with lack of timing as a severe drawback here, insofar the subs have been spread throughout the room. There’s also the issue of single, larger radiating areas vs. multiple smaller dittos for bass, where generally I have a preference for the former. I would have loved to try out a dual sub setup with the specific sub I’m using, but unfortunately space won’t allow for this experiment with a placement between or on each outside of my main speakers.
I sold my f113 for two f110 v2.  I am using primarily for 2 channel and home theater.  Very pleased with the even bass with enough slam for home theater.  I use a JL CR-1 to integrate into system
I've wanted a sub in my system for quite some time and considered going the F110 route at one point until I read a few reviews on them showing their fairy limited SPL output before resorting to higher then ideal levels of distortion.

If I remember correctly they started showing signs of stress just over 95db of output which is subpar IMO for a sub.

For this reason I wouldnt consider anything less than an F112 at minimum for my listening habits.
That is why you get two f110 subs.  Double the output
There are no absolutes with Audio. Everyone has their opinion and I can only repeat what I've already stated based on actual listening, "I prefer one F112 to dual F110s. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Why did they stop making the F110?
I had the opportunity to test a pair of F112s vs a pair of F110s.  Same location, same system.   The F112s produce more powerful (visceral) bass and seem less stressed (less movement) than the F110s.  I would not consider it a night-and-day upgrade in a pure two-channel system IN MY ROOM.   Other settings and other uses may prove very different.

The reasons to start with the F112 are aesthetics (a 12" looks the part), potential when stressed and having the more commonly reviewed model (which probably helps long-term resale).   These three reasons probably do not merit the price difference, but I'm keeping them to avoid the worse of the audiophile vices: buyer's remorse.
I personally would always have a pair of 12's over smaller any day,
I feel like they get the most things in bass right without some of the shortcomings of smaller subs and like you said they fit the part physically better.

I know it depends on the room and the personal preference,with my fairly new speakers that have outstanding bass on there own I haven't even had my subs on.

IMO the F112s are the sweet spot in the JL Audio subwoofer line up.   I actually demo'd dual F112s vs dual F113s with my gear and found that I preferred the former.   I still have them and they sound great.

I agree the F112s are the sweet spot.