JL Audio e112 sub vs. JL Audio Fathom 112 v.2

I recently purchased a JL Audio e112 subwoofer, which seems to work OK with my system, although at normal listening volumes it is turned all the way up.  I wonder if for not too much more money it would not make sense to purchase a Fathom 112 v.2.  Does anyone have experience with these subwoofers?
When they first became available, I purchased a pair of F113V2's, probably would have been just as happy with F112V2's, really excellent subs.  I had a Velodyne before that, great sub as well, but the JL Audio's just seem more "precise" to me.
gapperis, I  find it amazing that your sub volume is all the way up?? The e112 should be all anyone could want for added bass. Also, you should not have to turn it up all the way. What size football field of a room are you in? LOL. Need room dimensions and Sub settings to help further.

Matt M
EJR, was the velodyne sub the latest digital drive plus series? I only ask because before deciding on a subwoofer line to bring in and sell as a dealer I looked closely at JL and Velodyne but couldn’t properly compare either, so just took a crap shoot and went with a pair of Velodyne dd10+ to complement the low end of our TAD CR1’s. They work extemely well, but always wondered what the latest JL’s sounded like. Perhaps subs are the hardest to compare, but I believe the common wisdom is 2 (or more) smaller subs is better than 1 larger sub. I think the OP should just purchase a second e112 rather than step up in the line .

BTW my subs volume are set at the lower end of the scale - around 8.  They sounded great via XLR but I have recently started running them from the high level input out of the BHK 300 Amps.  This is the way REL suggests thier setup so you might try the JL from your amps if possible .  
Something is wrong if you have your sub turned "all the way up" at normal listening levels. Either you are using an A/V receiver with separate bass level control (set too low) or you've blown a fuse in the sub and think it is still working (but it isn't). Check it out.
I think I misled everyone:  the volume of the e112 is turned up about 3/4 of the way, rather than all the way up.  (I am fairly certain that the sub is behaving properly because after receiving it from the dealer I sent it back to get it checked out, and it was fine.  My listening room size is 23 feet (length) X 12.5 feet (width) X 8 feet (height). 
If you have efficient mains and a powerful amp that could be what is requiring you to use so much sub volume to keep up. I have 2 e112s in a 25x28" room and I run them at about 30% volume. 
James, I have custom-built Audience Wavemaster D-class monoblocks which are pretty powerful.  Please excuse my ignorance, but what are "mains"?  It would, of course, be less expensive for me to buy a second e112 than a new Fathom 112.v2, so if that would work well that sounds like a grand idea.  Glenn
My former Velodyne sub was a "Digital Drive" model, not a "DD+".  Before I purchased the JL Audio subs, I did audition a 15" DD+ sub woofer, but it was not setup well, sounded boomy, not well-defined.
I've been really happy with both my former Velodyne & my new JL Audio's, if anything the JL's seem to be "faster".
gapperis123: "Mains" means the power that comes out of your wall socket. What you plug your equipment into...
I think he meant main(s) as front speakers.


I did not know you were just joking. My bad.

Now I am totally confused.  Sorry to be dumb....but I don't understand what either dweller or willand is saying.
I meant what I meant. No harm no foul!