JL Audio E112 review

I thought some of you might like to see this review. I have two E110s on order and should have them in a week or two.

Not much interest in these I guess.

Anyway I ended up getting two E112. I had the 10s on order but they did not come in so I just upgraded to the 12s. I am using them in stereo and using the internal highpass crossover (dac to sub to amp) with a pair of thiel 2.4s. They are placed about 1" from my mains in the same plane.

My first impression is very positive. They are clean and blend very well with the thiels using the crossover. I don't notice any overhang from the subs and do not hear any degradation from the internal crossover. I have tried the crossover setting everywhere from 40-100hz and it is possible to get a good blend at any point. Currently I running them at 75hz for my inner metal head but I am not sure where it will end up once I am done playing. 60hz seems to contain the most audiophile aspects.. All the usual fluff.

10-18-13: James63
Not much interest in these I guess.
Maybe they're just too new for many of us to form an opinion. I have heard some JL Fathoms (very impressed), but not the new E-series. I just looked over the user guide and it looks like the E-series would have great potential for blending with a wide variety of stereo speakers, and would have a leg up on most for blending with mini-monitors because of its built-in adjustable high pass crossover. This should take some pressure off small mains to produce low frequencies and thus improve clarity and dynamic range.

If I had the coin I'd be all over a pair of E110s or E112s.
Yes maybe just too new and not many have heard them. I have demoed the Focal 1000be with a pair of Fathom 13"s. The 13"a were low pass filtered under the 1000be and the sound was not even close to what I am getting from the E112 using the internal highpass.

I will be interested in a head to head shoot out between the fathoms (using an external crossover) and the E112s. I have not heard them back to back yet but I would guess the difference is sound is marginal at best. The only real drawback is the loss of an internal EQ/processor.

I think they need to update the fathom line to include the new crossover or bring out and external of their own.

Interestingly I enjoy the sound better crossed over around 70hz better than crossing them over under my mains even though the Thiels reach pretty low (flat to 32hz). I tried low passing them under the mains and that was no good compared to highpass.

I also tired just one when I was setting up and one was not worth having. It really messed up sound stage and the power response IMO. Get 2 or none at all.