JL Audio e112 compared to SV Sound SB-13 subwoofers

Has anyone compared these 2 subs to supplement the bass in a good quality 2-channel system?
Please speak to system integration, bass impact, and if the additional controls on the SB-13 provide an advantage in set up. My speakers are Green Mountain Audio Continuum IIs and the room size is 2150 cu ft.
No, but there IS a comparison between the SVS SB-13 Ultra and the Rythmik F15HP. I don't recall where I saw it, but a Google search should bring it up.
I didn't compare the SVS SB-13 to the JL Audio E112, but I did compare the SVS SB-13 to the JL Audio F110 v2. The comparison was doneĀ in my system. I compared dual SB 13s to dual F110 v2s. I hate to admit it, because I thought the SB-13 Ultra would do better, but the F110 v2s were better in every way.