JL Audio E110 vs REL R328 vs REL R218

These are the subs I am considering for movie and music purposes. What do you guys think?
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From what I understand, the JL Audio E110 isn't really designed with the same level of integration that the f/g series does for stereo use.


This is the back panel.

The f and g series have the ARO system with a microphone for measuring the room and getting the subs to integrate with the main speakers.

The E series is really designed for use with an external bass management system like with an AVR or like a Velodyne SMS-1 subwoofer processor. I think JL is in the process of making an external box with similar functionality as the ARO.

Personally, I find subwoofers very hard to do for music, so be prepared to put some elbow grease into getting it just right.

The easiest way to integrate subs unfortunately has been discontinued by Thiel's new management. The S1 Integrator and the matching SS2.2 subs have been "idiot-proof"
If bass accuracy is paramount add the new series of subs from Ken Kresiel the DXD808 is a must for your short list! I have its larger sibling the DXD12012 and its the best bass I've heard period and has the lowest distortion measured.