JL Audio CR-1 Crossover

So, I own 4 JL Audio F-113 subs. Each of these were bought used and all have been updated at JL Audio.

I have been very happy using them in my system. The main speakers are Focal Sopra 2’s. I am using a Iso-Max Jensen transformer(s) model #SP-2SX to connect the subs to my mains and it seems to work pretty well. BTW, the Iso Max unit(s) convert speaker level to balanced (similar to the Rel subs) using Speak-On fittings.

The JL Audio solution to the high/low band pass issue was their CR-1 Electronic crossover. I always wanted to try one of these but at $3000 list I didn’t think it could improve that much over my Iso Max unit(s).

However, I was able to find a used JL Audio CR-1 electronic crossover and I have just now connected it up.

The first thing I noticed was how much very low bass I was missing. Example: Linda Ronstadt “Blue Bayou” the bass now digs into the subterranean.

I guess I need to play with it a while. but I was wonderin’ if anyone else who owns or has owned this unit can share any set ups tips and general opinions of the unit.



I recently picked up a CR-1 to pair with two JL F110s along with my Magico Mini IIs. I think it’s a great unit and an essential part of any hi fi stereo setup, even if you’re running full range speakers. I personally think every system needs subwoofers. I’ve listened to top of the line Magico floorstanders that still lacked sub bass notes that my F 110s are capable of producing. And, if you’re using subs, you should be crossing over the high and low frequencies with an active crossover. My Magicos sound tighter, more articulate and open without having to dig deep into the lower registers. I also run my f110s in stereo mode. I know bass is supposed o be non-directional, but in rare instances where bass notes are coming from both channels, like for example Ole by John Coltrane where Art Davis and Reggie Workman both play bass at opposite sides of the soundstage, the bass does seem to localized to the channel the bassist is recorded on. Overall, I give high praise to the F110s for being easy to place in the room thanks to DARO and the CR 1 for saving my amp from having to work too hard producing bass notes on the Magicos where I don’t need them because the subs have it covered. 

Hey Ozzy,

I'm about to finally take on the CR-1 project based on our system set up being very similar. Might be hitting you up for some pointers along the way!

As I mentioned we have similar set ups in that I will also be using the HT passthrough and running my 2ch set up from my DAC/Preamp to my amps.  Are you also running your 2ch through a dedicated DAC/pre to the CR-1?




I had my Lumin X1 running direct to my tube amps. I now have the JL CR-1 Crossover in between calibrating my JL F-113 subs.

Basically, I set my subs based on their mic and calibration process, then with the CR-1 I used it to find the best crossover setting. I use the subs internal volume setting more than the CR-1 controls to balance the outputs.

Happy to help further if you need it.


Hey Ozzy,

I have the CR-1 up and running, but I’ve run into an issue.

im using scenario 3 where the CR-1 allows me to share both the subs and the front L/R speakers between my AV Processor and my 2 channel Preamp/DAC.

the issue I’m having is related to the fact that my AV Prcessor only has balanced outputs, which is forcing me to use a converter cable turning the balance connection to RCA so I can use the unbalanced inputs on the CR-1.  The balanced XLR connections are used between my 2ch preamp and the CR-1 as the set up guide dictates, while the bypass av processor uses the unbalanced connections.

The issue is; when I hit the bypass button, I get a nasty buzzing in the L/R speakers.  But when I’m using the CR-1 for bass management, there is absolutely no buzzing. 

it appears that the CR-1 doesn't like both balanced and unbalanced connections happening at the same time.  If I disconnect the balanced cables from the CR-1 the buzzing stops. 

i suspect it has something to do with the “cheater cables” connected to the AV processor converting the XLR out to RCA unbalanced.

I wonder if you’ve had a similar experience with your set up?