jl audio 13w7

hi everyone, a guy in my town has a couple new subs jl audio 13w7 for $1000 (subs only no cabinets)

i dont know anything about diy subwoofers.
i was going to use a jbl synthesis s400 to power these ( i think it might be a little weak for these subs.

are these great subs? will they compare to jl fathom series subs?

also, do i just build a six sided cabinet for each sub?
excuss me if my terminology is off, but do i need a dead passive woofer on the box aswell? how about extra wood inside the box to channel the airflow? is the 13w7 a car sub or a home theater sub?

please help me with your opinions.
thanks so kindly
Lots of good questions nineballg.

The JL Audio W7 series (car audio) woofers are the same woofers used in the Fathom series home audio subs. Are they great you ask? In a nutshell - HELL YES. These woofers are massive and very well built and the price of the woofer alone reflects it.

Will they compare to the Fathom series? The woofers are the same but the Fathom is a combination of woofer, electronics with room correction built in, an electronic crossover, an amp, and a box built to work in conjunction with all of the above.

If you want to build a home sub with one of those drivers, you can, but it will be different from the Fathom unit. It may be similar but basically you can not practically build a Fathom. You can build something to get similar results but the beauty of the Fathom is the built in room equalization and the convenience and look of the home unit. The amount of power you need depends on how loud you want them to play. If you have the JBL amp already, try it before you buy anything else.

Instead of building a box, (unless you have way to much time on your hands) get one from ebay or elsewhere that is built to JL specifications specifically for that woofer. They are relatively cheap and can be bought as ported or sealed. If you want to build your own, go to JL's website and under the mobile audio section, download the owners manual for the woofer and they tell you exactly what size box to build. You do not need a passive radiator. I would stick with what JL recommends in their manual.
thanks bradearles for your response.
one thing that still confuses me is the ohm factor.
i believe that jl audio 13w7d1.5 is their exact model number. my jbl amp has a 4ohm and 8 ohm switch on the back of the unit.

i think the jl 13w7d1.5 has a lower ohm the 4 it might be 3 or 2 (im not sure)

will the ohms be a factor? will it damage my amp or will the subs get damaged from my amp? i obviously dont understand how the ohms work.
thanks alot
i just found out that the jl audio 13w7d1.5 are dual 1.5 ohms. im not exactly sure what that means tho.
If you want to get your moneys worth, buy some good hi powered amps that are stable to the drivers ohm ratings