JJ EL34 or E34L

I have read that the JJ tubes with the E34L logo will produce more power than one that has the EL34 print. I do have two quads of both,however one of the tubes of the E34L camp is bad.If the above is true will a tube from the EL34 group make a audible difference? My Anthem amp has seperate bias pots for each tube. Any advise from the group will help me greatly.
You are correct. The E34L will run at a higher bias. I do not run these or have an Anthem. If you run them at the same V I bet they are very similar. Try it out. You will not hurt anything. If you have not already done so I would ask the same question at the audio asylum.com tube section. Lots more EL34 folks there who might have experience right on point.

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Hi Clueless Yes I have installed the 3 E34L and 1 EL34 with no odd affects. I figured as long as the bias on all four are the same I should stay above water. I looked at all four tubes before plugging them in and they looked the same physically. Stay tuned. Thanks for your input. Bret
South43. I have heard that you have to bias the E34L higher than the EL34 likes to go to really make them get up and go. Don't ya love tubes!

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Wow Clueless we must be on the same page. That's exactly what I did and ya no what? The music is sounding sweeter than ever. I got some siemans in yesterday and now I like what the JJ's are doing so much I don't want to take them out. But clueless ya no I am going to try those siemans soon. Stay tuned. Bret
Hey, don't do anything premature with your Sieman! Roll that tube!

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