JJ EL 34 tubes for integrated amp

I use JJ tubes for my guitar amps, I really like them. How are they for audio amps?
How are they for audio amps?

Very good in my opinion. JJ and SED Wing C are best of what's out there today for my taste.

The best is still old Mullard XF1 or XF2, but they are getting harder to find all the time and the price has certain risen in the last two years.
There are two classed of JJs. The better ones come in blue glass. I much prefer the Svetlana tubes, though. At least over the standard JJs.
JJ tubes as well as other current production tubes are a great asset with current NOS supplies getting more scarce,,,however the NOS Mullard and Siemens Telefunken EL34 tubes occur far more dynamic and responsive. Being a guitar player myself, I used to use JJ tubes also, but as I expanded my tube business I realized there really is a vast difference in dynamic range from current production tubes from czech russia and china vs the USA, British and W german production. We currently have over 4000-5000 NOS tubes in stock with many choices not far from JJ retail price points. My opinion is that current production is good, but you do get what you pay for. Joshua