JJ-E34L versus EL-34 tubes

Hello Friends...

Thanks to an a very nice folk, named Todd Richards, from which I acquired; for be use with my recently Gifted Dynaco by Panor from 1991 Series 2 power a quad perfectly matched JJ-E34L tubes made in Slovac Republic. I drop a letter to the factory, and from their respond me, that my acquired E-34L tubes have "Near 15% more Power"..., that the regular one EL-34 tube.

My enquire is this.. If?, this 15% more powerful tube, may cause any Harm or Defect in my Dynaco unit?

Any, erudite response will be greatly welcome!

Thanks very much for reading my letter, and for your noble help on my matter.

The E34L tube can be used in any circuit spec'ed for an EL-34 as far as I know, but I wouldn't expect any increase in actual power just from using this tube. That 15% quote probably means something like that the "L" version is capable of yielding up to 15% more power than the non-"L" version in a circuit designed to do that. Even that conclusion might be open to question, but anyhow I did find that the "L" tended to outlast the regular version from JJ in a somewhat demanding amp circuit. (But I'll also add that I thought my best results of all, both sonically and durability-wise, were with the Svetlana EL-34's.)

Anyway, if these tubes are in good new shape, reasonably well-matched, non-defective, and survived shipping OK (there can never be guarantees on any of that, even if they were supposedly pre-tested, until you actually install them and they work without problem), go ahead and enjoy them, they're fine tubes and your amp will thank you for them.
I have a quad of Svetlana El34s that I was told were capable of 25 watts instead of the normal 20 watts per tube. The only problem here is that you have to have an amp that can utilize that extra voltage ability (more gain and be able to keep the bias correct....). I don't know if my amp is actually creating more power with the svetlana, but they work great and last forever probably due to the higher ratings.
My amp: Dynaco ST-80 1996 by Panor
hi alex,
should function fine. make sure the bias are set properly.