Jiver for Mac cant find ripped files

I just started using jriver on a Mac mini. The Cd ripping function in Jriver does not work for Mac. I downloaded XLD and ripped some CDs but Jriver will not import them into the library. I've tried every possible way of importing provided by Jriver but it just does not see the files. Files the I have downloaded or copied from another PC seem to work fine.
Sometimes you have to install certain plugins on software before you use it. For whatever reason, some programs make you do this, and not every option is enabled by default.

Also, make sure you're not confusing library view with the file system view. Its very easy to make that mistake. In order to see the files in library view, they will have to be properly tagged.

I'm sure you already know this, but you do have to tell Jriver, or any other music software, where the folder(s) that you keep your music are. (and be sure to tell it to look in all the sub folders, as well).