Jiver for Mac cant find ripped files

I just started using jriver on a Mac mini. The Cd ripping function in Jriver does not work for Mac. I downloaded XLD and ripped some CDs but Jriver will not import them into the library. I've tried every possible way of importing provided by Jriver but it just does not see the files. Files the I have downloaded or copied from another PC seem to work fine.
I assume you pointed to the drive that the files are ripped to? Do you have all the import boxes marked as to type of files to import?

Lots of good info at ComputerAudiophile about this. I’m no expert but there are people at that site that are.
I have a friend with a Mac mini and he has to use iTunes to rip CDs for JRiver. I always end up ripping them to his external drive with my PC.
Ripping with iTunes works great for me!
I went back to my old PC lap top and ripped a cd using Dbpoweramp and then copied it over to the Mac and it was found right off the bat. I don't know why people recommend XLD for ripping on the Mac? I also don't understand why, after paying $70 for Jriver, they do not have the ripping function working for the Mac version.
Theater View is also absent. JRiver is just better on a PC I believe.
I down loaded Yosemite last night and that seemed to solve most of the problems I was having. The ripping function now works on Jriver and so ripped files are found and displayed in the library as soon as I rip them.