Jitterbug into USB port on Bluesound Node 2i

Has anyone tried using a Jitterbug plugged into the usb port on a Bluesound Node 2i?  I have a few jitterbugs just sitting in a drawer and am curious if anyone has tried one on a bluesound node...

Will it cause damage to the node?

this is pulled straight off the  jitterbugs manual...

“Network streaming devices primarily send and receive media files over an IP network. However, many of these devices include USB input ports. Here are some suggestions for improving the overall audio performance of a system that relies on network equipment:
1. Besides an Ethernet connection, many of today’s streamers include one or more USB input ports. These ports can offer compatibility with mobile devices (such as iOS or Android), or they may be designed to work with mass storage devices (such as hard drives or memory sticks). In either circumstance, plugging a JitterBug into these ports can improve the overall sound of your streamer—even when nothing is connected to the port. Therefore, irrespective of the port being in use, the JitterBug filter(s) may significantly improve your system’s overall performance—even when music is being played through a completely separate digital input”
So I went ahead and tried it and it works!  Im not sure if it made a difference but I could tell the difference while using it on my Audioquest Red Dragonfly so I imagine it might be cleaning up the signal.

Anyhow, it does work!  I used my second jitterbug in my Modem/ Router. Not sure if it made any difference there either but my system is definitely singing right now, so they are going to stay put.

My friend who owns the node 2.i ,encouraged me to try the jitterbug in usb port. I'm really happy I did. It cleaned up noise, that I didn't even realize was there, the base was tighter and more pronounced, and the whole presentation became more open and detailed.