Jitter Reduction on a DD 5.1 Signal

I read on JISCO's website ( www.jitter.de )that a jitter reducer will not work on a DD 5.1 signal. Has anyone ever tried this? Will it strip out the DD signal or prevent any conversion at all? I just ordered a jitter reducer for my satelite receiver and I am now wondering if it was a good idea... Thanks!!!!
Camelot,Dragon 5.1 Is what you need. No other Jitter device will pass the signal,Avalable from Audio Adviser 500 bucks,I have one.
Sorry forgot to address the rest of the question.The sat.5.1 is copy protected.The dragon should pass the signal. Besides it is coming from a toslinc(bottom of the digital food chain),so it isn't that great,say as compared to dvd's 5.1.
Theta's Timebase Linque Conditioner (TLC for short) sounds like what you need. There are three different versions. The one you want (for dvd) is the WIDE-BAND TLC. Also, they have two different power supplies: get the high current one. Best of luck! Ken G.