jitter handling for bryston bda1

How is the jitter handling of bryston bda1+airport express via toslink?
Is it better than benchmark dac1?
Jwin525, I have Benchmark DAC1 with Airport Express and sound is so clean that some might call it sterile. AE delivers, according to Stereophile review, respectable 258ps word jitter on optical output while DAC1 has huge jitter rejection. I like the sound but you may find many negative opinions on AE and DAC1. Many experienced change in sound with different sources (that I cannot hear) suggesting that Benchmark jitter rejection is not that perfect or something else (like ground loops) takes place. If you like warm sound (I don't) then perhaps you should stay away from Benchmark, that was purposely design not to be warm (according to technical director John Siau). In my system it sounds incredible with class D amp and Hyperion HPS-938 warm sounding speakers but it was unbearable before with Paradigms Studio/60. Hyperions are different class and price range but Paradigm aluminum dome tweeters were just to bright in this combination. I've never heard Bryston but all reviews and opinions are very positive.
The BDA-1 reportedly does as good a job with jitter rejection as anything else out on the market. I've heard it many times, but didn't throw a bunch of transports at it.

The BDA-1 and DAC1 sound pretty different from each other. Both are a polished, studio type sound if you will, but the BDA-1 pulls of musicality far better to my ears than the DAC1. Musicality is different to different people, so take my opinion as you will. To my ears, the DAC1 sounds a bit bleached and sterile. It's a very good DAC and can sound great in the right system, but I think the BDA-1 sounds better in more systems, perhaps making it more forgiving if you will. This stuff is all subjective though.
Kbarkamian, I just got a wyred 4 sound DAC 2 and I love the detail and the bass but feel it could be more musical. How is the bass on the BDA-1? I may try the Bryston in the future.