Jitter Control on Rotel 991AE CD player

Anybody know what I'm supposed to be listening for when I adjust the jitter control? Running this thru Krell 280p-2250a into B&W CDM-9s. Also, who wants to reccomend good speaker cables for this rig?
Kazchaz, I think I can help you regarding your request to hear about suitable speaker cables.
As a baseline of reasonably priced, great sounding speaker cables, consider a money back home trial of the $180 per eight foot pair from greggstraley@yahoo.com
Full range, three dimensional, detailed, and with a musical, and toe tapping "you are there" quality.
But, all that counts is whether you like what you hear, for yourself, without any time pressure, or anyone looking over your shoulder waiting to make a sale.
Gregg is easy to work with, and those to whom I have made this trial suggestion have also become fans. Like me, you may be quite surprised that low cost can accompany highest quality. Don't be surprised if you decide to give a listen to his interconnects once you get his speaker cables.