Jimmy Smith

I notice something on various Jimmy Smith CDs and on a reel to reel I listen to that is unpleasant. When he plays his organ there is often what sounds like severe distortion. This happens during loud or soft points, but more often at loud points in the music. Is this just the way his organ sounded or are the recordings flawed? I can't imagine that all of these recordings just happen to be flawed.

If this is just the way his organ sounded, was he trying to get that sound or was there some other, uncontrollable factor? Has anyone here seen him live that can confirm wether the nasties are or aren't an artifact of the recording?
Here's a description of the Hammond B3. What you're hearinng is probablyy a combination of stops with plenty of odd harmonics and the use of the volume pedal. I've never played a B3, but I know it's capable of making a very distorted, overdriven sound. If you Google Hammond B3 you'll find tons of other info. It's a very unique and well loved instrument.
On "The Sermon", there are a few moments in which the organ sounds like it's making an awful electronic honking sound. I originally thought this was a mistake in the recording, but I later realized it's a sound that was coming naturally from the organ.
The distortion is on the recording; it's the leslie speaker being overdriven.
Tvad - Actually the awful honking sound on the "The Sermon" was Jummy's way of trying to let Lee Morgan (trumpet) that he was going long on his solo. But, yes, that awful sound did come from the Hammond.
Tubemiser - Interesting! Where did you get this info? I have always noticed the organ bellows and/or speaker distoring and find it part of the charm of B3 performances. I'll definitely listen to The Sermon again tonight.
Tomryan - I found this bit of interesting info in the liner notes.

"Jimmy employs the organ's ability for varied sounds where as he signals the end of George's (G.Coleman,sax) stint by simulating a musical buzzer. He does the same in Morgan's portion but Lee is cooking so hard, he runs through the insistent stop-tone for another chorus"

Happy Listening !
Sorry, but forgot to mention that this "musical buzzer" Jimmy employs is on the second cut "J.O.S." on the Sermon album.
Listened last night and also listended to "Root Down", an early 70s live recording on Verve that is, as were the times, quite funky. Also got around to reading the liner notes. What great music.
Another great B-3 organist is Shirley Scott. "Queen of the Organ" Memorial Album on the Prestige label. She was married to Stanley Turrentine and does couple of cuts with him on the album.