Jimmy Page, It's time to call your lawyers?

I'm pretty late to this party--as usual.  A Chicago radio station is starry-eyed over Greta Van Fleet.  I gave them a listen today.  All I could think was...

Is this a Zeppelin parody band? 

There are so many features to their sound, playing, and sonics that sound just like LZ--so much so that I cannot get into the music passionately.  These are (IMHO):  Vocals (phrasing mimics Robert Plant without stopping);  Lyrics (the themes seem, based on limited listening, to track LZ);  Lead Guitar (I cannot think of another guitarist who sounds like he's trying to sound like Page as much as this one).  

Does Greta Van Fleet sound like a facsimile to you?  I'm not hung up on punishing artists who copy, as I think it's part and parcel of the art form.  But I'm having real trouble getting past the photocopy nature of this.  Again, this is just one person's opinion. So curious to hear what others think and feel about this group.  I'd like to give them more of a chance and maybe others can help.  For now, I can't keep listening.

Agreed with all pointing out that the legal system would collapse from the irony (heavy metal pun!) if LZ sued these guys but I see no point in listening to GVF. I listened to Zep so much when I was young I hardly have to hear it any more.

Heart is another Zep tribute band to my ears - but with enough of their own emphasis to make it completely enjoyable. I listen to Heart and I hear affection (for LZ). I have listened only a little to GVF but so far I hear affection for $$.
Heart a Zep tribute band...?
GVF is a pretty good band. Just like most are saying everyone ripped off someone at some point in time. 

On another note, I was listening to Sound Opionions and the guys turned me onto Ty Segall. This kid rocks I highly recommend.
Just want to get the thread back around to the fact that LZ stole a bunch of riffs and even a song or two but made them their own rather than stealing Willy Dixon’s or Robert Johnson’s "sound." GVF is trying to sound like almost exactly like LZ, not cop a lick here or there.

For a group that takes 70’s influences and makes them there own, I recommend checking out the Struts’ "Everybody Wants."
When Keith Richards introduced Chuck Berry at his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction he said, “Chuck had some of the best riffs in rock and roll. I stole all of them.”