Jimi Hendrix UHQR Mono & Stereo is shipping

Just found out that Acoustic Sounds is finally shipping the Hendrix UHQR titles.  Can't wait to hear them.
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Kind of wish I'd had pre-ordered the mono...…..oh well.
Mine showed up on Monday (one each of the stereo/mono versions).

I got a "shipment notification" from Acoustic Sounds and checked my Amex account to confirm the items had been billed.  Nada.  Then, on Tuesday I received a "Request for Money" from Acoustic Sounds via Paypal.  Paid immediately, but looks like someone in Salina kinda screwed up.
I just got the FEDEX tracking info and it's been picked up in Salina already.  Should be here on Saturday.  I got one of each.
Unless you are planning to re-sell "sealed", open and play ASAP. The last special edition I bought went unplayed for years and turned out to be defective.
I recently received my Marvin Gaye UD1S box. After playing it I found some distortion and warpage on one side. It happened that Music Direct sent me an email asking for my review. After notifying them what I found they got back in touch. Long story short, they sent out a brand new one without asking me to return my defective copy. Great service but I cannot figure out how they could do it given the "numbered" copies that had already sold out?

@dweller ,

I don't buy records to appreciate, I buy them to listen to. The plus side to this is I can have a defective record taken care of.
FEDEX just dropped off my copy of each the stereo (#31) and mono (#29).  Need to get them cleaned and do a listening session.
I am still waiting for my Mono copy but I am in love with the stereo version just one pass through. Incredible detail 
How is the Mono? 
How is the Mono?
If you like the stereo version, the mono will rock your world!


Every review that I have read so far, stated the same thing.
@mofimadness thanks, Mofi, looking forward to the arrival