Jim Smith and advice

More than a few times, I have seen the ad presented by Jim Smith of Avantgarde?- offering a book and DVDs on improving the experience of an audio system. I am doing this backwards by first sending for the book and DVDs, but still am curious about other people's experience with this purchase. Thoughts anyone?
I found his information to be well thought out honest and informative. It is his experience only but he helps you understand the fundamentals and experiment. Well worth the money for the book and DVD. 
Bought the book several years ago. Lots of good advice. Followed his suggestions and am very happy with the results. Learned the room and the setup will give at least half of the sound you will hear. 
He does mention room treatments. His emphasis is on system setup. 
My system improved a lot from careful setup.
It improved much more from treating the room.
YMMV, best wishes...

 So far, I believe this book to be a good quick reference guide that I will keep. I will however, return the DVD set, as what it amounts to is Jim reading his book to you on video. That probably works for some people out there, but I have no interest in it. To nitpick, I will also add that some of the illustrations aren't needed ( I mean the ones that have nothing to do with the subject, such as two dogs racing cars?). They look to be about jr. high level scribbles, and I would actually cover them if I thought someone noticed them as I was reading. 
 I said most of what I think in the first sentence of this post.

 As an aside, in the past, I did pick up Robert Harley's "Guide to home audio". I found his book to be much more in depth, but ironically, the cover of the second edition that I own shows a really corny cartoon of a guy and his wife sitting on the couch listening to audio and it looks as though the guy is about to make a move on his lady. I do realize how insignificant this may sound, yet again, I would hide the cover while I read so that it wouldn't appear that I was more of a dumbass than already perceived. I don't recall any other of my books to have such such goofy images on their covers. Ok, I am done for the bitching part. Yes, I recommend either of these books for help on the subject of setting up your system.
  As a final note, each book has some methods of setup that don't agree with each other. Point there would be as with most situations, you just have to go with the method that does best for you. 
Any news on Jim Smith's Breaking Through The Sound Barrier Project? Last I heard just over a year ago was that the project was only months away from completion. I have not heard nor can I find anything on this.
I agree with this book to be a quick introductory guide. Not all that much of a acoustic reference for setting up room and system. +1 on Robert Harley's book, 'The Complete Guide to Hi-End Audio', now in the 5th edition.